My New Friend, Sam

“I’m going to be a professional surfer!” was the quote of my recent Hawaiian trip. As non-sensical as it sounded, here I was, first time out there. Look how professional I look! I befriended a girl named Sam at one of the AirBnB’s I was staying at, and she, too,Continue reading

Don’t Dig Yourself into a Financial Hole after a Breakup

Your relationship just ended, you’re hurt, and you’ve just scoured the internet for answers because you want to know how in the world you ended up in this position and all you’re trying to do is make yourself feel better. Now. Yes, breakups suck and the only thing that willContinue reading

Our Attitudes Towards Money

I educate people on money and investing, and I also help people implement plans and structure on how they should handle their finances. This is financial planning. That’s great, everyone needs that, however, what isn’t structured are our emotions and behaviours towards money. Money is an emotional topic. How weContinue reading

Why you should Save (and Invest) in your Retirement, Yesterday!

I often ask people in their 20s and 30s, do you save for retirement? And I usually get this look followed by “Ughh why are you asking me to do something that isn’t going to happen for another entire lifetime away? Girl, I get it. I don’t even know whatContinue reading

Financial Security

Exactly three years ago around this time, I was in the mountains of northern China, training Kung-Fu on a full-time basis.  Less than two months before that, I had a full-time job that I had been in for over 6.5 years – and just like that, it was all gone.Continue reading


While I am a fan of disruptive technologies and embrace new ideas and ways that challenge our norms, I always look at the downside to make sure it stands a chance at succeeding. We have all been hearing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies the last little while and all the maniaContinue reading

Why Are Toronto Renters Treated Like…

I recently came back from a trip to Houston, staying at my cousin’s rental apartment for five days.  I was amazed at what she got as a renter, in return for what she was paying for. For US$1,400 + utilities: +950 sq. ft. includes parking for two cars Valet garbage (it’s a thing there –Continue reading

Get Back to Basics

Remember when you were in high school – when days were MUCH SIMPLER. When I mean much simpler, I mean financially. I won’t discount the raging hormones, dramatic relationships, and mountain of insecurities we all experience when trying to get through puberty – aside from these, life was pretty easy.   Looking back, we hadContinue reading

When it Rains, it Pours – How Financially Prepared are you?

I’m not going to waste your time with another blog post about why it is important to save for a rainy day. Everyone knows it is important to save. I didn’t realize just HOW important it was until in 2014 – it didn’t just rain for me. It POURED. Within a span of 8 monthsContinue reading

Don’t Knock the Side Hustle!

I was having a conversation with my younger cousin and my sister at our family dinner – and my younger cousin starts telling me about his “side hustle”.  I shot him this look of disapproval as he describes his new side job- sounding shady, but not illegal (so no, he’s not selling any drugs orContinue reading