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Not only has Michelle helped me pay myself first and save money but she helped me in my process to pay off my student loans. I am finally debt free! I’ve also been good enough to have already placed more in my Roth account than all of last year, while going on multiple vacations!

Heather L.


I really enjoyed her style of advice and coaching. I feel a lot more confident in doing my own investing online. Before I would just put it away with the banks and not do anything with it, but now, I know what I’m doing, what I choose to do and how it would affect my returns in the long run. She’s very well-rounded and takes a non-judgmental approach to teaching. 

Jami M.


Michelle helped me really understand how much my bank was taking from my portfolio in fees. When I first saw 2.3% I thought to myself 'that's nothing! Wow so cheap to have someone look after my portfolio for me all year around!' Michelle walked me through how easy it was to manage my own portfolio and how low the fees are for ETFs. I had no idea fees can be as slow as 0.2%. Crunching the numbers I saw that the following year I saved over $4,400 because of the lower fees. 

Sarah C.
Business & Tech Support