October 25, 2020

Last Minute Gift for under $5

Last minute holiday shopping?

Check out these DIY hot cocoa gift jars you can give to your friends and family this holiday season, without breaking the bank.

step 1

Go to the Dollar Store and buy mason jars. 

Small jars for one serving, or regular-sized jars for two servings. 

You may also need some ribbon or rope if you don't have any at home. 

step 2

Go to the bulk food store and pick up: 

Candy canes 
Chocolate chips
Coconut sugar (or regular sugar)
Cocoa Powder
Dry milk powder (skim)

For 1 serving (use a mini mason jar)
1.5 Tbsp cocoa powder,
3 Tbsp dry milk powder (I used skim milk powder),
1 tsp coconut sugar 
1 candy cane (crush them into small bits) 
1 Tbsp chocolate chips 
Top with marshmallows (be as generous or cheap as you want with this 😂)

step 3

Cut out labels using grocery paper bags.

Cut them into various shapes if you'd like (e.g. triangle, trapezoid, rectangle)

step 4

Write the following instructions:

Separate marshmallows. Mix and simmer in 1 cup of milk or water until dissolved. Pour into mug and top with marshmallows.

Milk is optional as there’s already milk powder but it’s extra creamy and rich with milk.

The cocoa takes a bit to dissolve.

Note: for vegan friends. Don't add milk powder, and they can simmer in their choice of milk alternative.

step 5

Tie a ribbon around the jar

Write a love note on the back of the instructions if you want! 


For a regular-sized mason jar, I put 2 servings, so just double up on everything, and then I topped it off with 2 cookies. Like this baby right here:

Alternatively, you can just buy an assortment of candy and fill up the mason jars!

Have fun with this! They taste DELICIOUS! It's quite sweet for me, so I mix it with my coffee! 

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