Standard Package Features

Review and Assessment

  •    Insurance Needs (e.g. disability, life, critical illness)

  •    Investment Portfolios (e.g. RRSPs, TFSAs)

Receive a Working Plan

  •    Make money while you sleep

  •    Minimize costs and net higher returns

  •    Mitigate your risks

  •    Access to Client Portal

Lifetime of Knowledge

  •    Understand what is going on with your money

  •    Manage and re-balance your own investment portfolios

Create a Portfolio that is Right for you

Mitigate Life’s Risks

Keep Track of your Goals in your Client Portal

Standard Benefits.

Clarity on your financial future

Confidence with your money

More money for yourself

Get ahead

Build your freedom

Financial security

Peace of mind

Reduced financial stress

Reach your financial goals

Maximize returns by minimizing costs

For those who…

  •    Want a comprehensive plan after a life milestone (e.g. divorce, new child, new job, new marriage), with clarity, direction, actionable plan, and support throughout this process
  •    Need a plan to start funding their dreams and goals, whether it’s in the next 18 months or five years from now
  •    Want to know how to manage their own investments and save thousands of dollars on fees
  •    Would like a peace of mind, knowing their downside risks are taken care of in the event tragedy or accidents strike
  •    Want financial freedom

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