Lite Package Features

Review and Assessment

  •     Debt situation

  •     Current spending

  •     Retirement progress

  •     Major Purchase Progress (e.g. home, cottage, school, business)

Receive a Working Plan

  •    Fund your dreams without feeling pinched or stressed on a day-to-day basis
  •    Discover money you didn’t know you had
  •    Get ahead by allocating money to the appropriate places
  •    Understand how our behaviours shape our spending habits

Get a Grade for your Progress:

Identify your Potential Risks:

Discover your Options:

Discover Money You Didn’t Know You Had:

Strategy Plan to Reach your Goals:

Take Control and Get Ahead:

Lite Benefits

Clarity on your financial future

Confidence with your money

More money for yourself

Get Ahead

Financial security

Peace of mind

Reduced financial stress

Reach your Financial Goals

For those who…

  •    Are always wondering where their money goes (most people underestimate what they spend!)
  •    Need a plan to start allocating their money to start funding their dreams
  •    Are tired of spending recklessly, aimlessly, and saving nothing at the end of the day
  •    Would just like to get ahead, financially!

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