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Courses for Individuals

Build a Better Relationship with Money Website Photo

Course Description

Dive deeper into your relationship with money. People often carry financial regrets with them and are scared to face their numbers. It’s a heavy burden to move forward with but nonetheless, you have to move forward and that means letting the past go.


work those numbers website

Course Description

What do you want? A house in five years? Extended trip? Venture out and start your own biz? Start putting numbers to your goals. Look at your progress and see where you stand, what your options are, and what you need to do to make your dreams a reality. Use a flexible budgeting strategy that factors in seasonal spending and behaviours.


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Course Description

This step-by-step course takes you through the investment process, from education to execution – and everything in between! Put your money to work, understand what is happening, and have a peace of mind knowing that you are looking after your own interests.


Want More than One Course? Get them Bundled!

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