As women, whenever we hit a crisis or problem, the first thing we do is text our BFF/ spouse/sister/ cousin/ pet, followed by an in-person conversation so we can spill our beans, maybe ball our eyes out or even rage.   That is our outlet. This is how we reset, rebuild our estrogen and make ourselves feel better. (Whereas men retreat to their “man cave” of quietness, thinking, literally, about nothing -that’s how they rebuild their testosterone.)  We will discuss just about anything, from sex, gossip, penis sizes to weird stuff that happens to our bodies!

But when it comes to money, it is the most hush-hush topic. Why? Because we fear judgment.  Money is an emotional topic. It is so close to home, and we often do things with our money that are irrational. When we do irrational things, what happens? We get shamed for it. Money-shamed.

But that’s not the only reason.  There is also the lack of confidence that make women apprehensive to talk about money and investing, or ask questions. Yet, it is a topic that women should be talking about.

This is why I am here. To help women build their confidence in money and investing, so they can achieve their financial goals.   This is a safe place for women to open up about their money questions, concerns, and dreams.

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