Ready to live your life in the fast lane? I got you. 
 Sassy Premium Package
Receive everything included in our annual membership program, plus work one-on-one with me for the next six months
  •  Are you constantly struggling with debt because you never feel like you earn enough money? 
  •  Do you feel disorganized and can never figure out for the life of you where your money goes?   
  •  Are you stressed because you can never seem to save enough for yourself? 
  •  Tired of living paycheque-to-paycheque with nothing left at the end of the month?
  •  Have no idea what you currently have in your employer-sponsored benefits or investment portfolio? 
  •  Procrastinating on your plans because you're scared to see your numbers?
Let's stop the madness. 
Evеrуоnе nееdѕ a сlеаr understanding оf how tо mаnаgе their money. 

With a custom behavioural cash flow plan, I will help уоu рrіоrіtіzе whаt іѕ important, establish rеаlіѕtіс gоаlѕ, protect whаt you have аnd рut in place the nесеѕѕаrу action рlаn tо succeed. Then, we take the next step and work on 
I build a custom cash flow plan for you.
You can expect:
  • An actionable plan that is EASY to implement (remember, I make your life easier!)
  •  A proven strategy that will maximize your lifestyle with the income you earn while still planning for your top financial priorities. 
  •  An easier time to make continual decisions week-to-week on items that are planned or “just come up” 
  •  Debt payments and savings is a PRIORITY, so you can finally get out of the red and have money in your bank account
I review your current portfolio, statements, and policies.
You can expect:
This includes:
  • If you receive benefits at work, like a pension plan (defined-benefit or defined contribution plan), but you have no idea what's in it or what you've selected, I will go through it with you so you understand what you have and if it's suitable for you
  •  Have a RRSP/TFSA account(s), but have no idea what's in it or you know it has high-cost mutual funds and you want to change that? I will show you how to replicate it and help you create something similar but lower cost portfolio
  •  Receive a high-level snapshot of your financial situation
But our dialogue doesn't just end there...
I keep tabs on your for the next six months
  •  I am your support network whenever you feel stuck, unmotivated, confused, or run into a hiccup (which happens, because life happens!) - so I got your back! 
  •  I am your accountability partner to ensure you are executing on your investment and/or cash flow strategy
  •  I answer any questions you have that come up along the way
Client Portal Access
And as an added BONUS, access to your own client portal where you can:
  • Keep track of your progress, from net worth to cash flow 
  • View your projected net worth and cash flow to see where you are headed and what your options are to meet your goals 
  • Visualize and see for yourself your reality so you can stop worrying about being disorganized - you can't get any more organized than this!
I want my freedom and finances organized!
See what others have to say after working with me...
- Jami M.
Everything included in this Sassy Premium Package:
Custom Behavioural Cash Flow Plan ($800 value)
Six Monthly Coaching Calls ($500 value)
Reviews of statements/policies/portfolios with feedback and analysis ($300 value)
One year Access to the Sassy Academy, including 
all three main courses ($2,000 value)
Subscription to Weekly Newsletter ($200 value)
Private Facebook Group with Monthly Live Q&A
Additional Access to New Content and Courses
BONUS COURSE: "The Other Talk" ($197 value)
BONUS: Sassy Money Planner, with FREE SHIPPING ($40 value)
BONUS: 12-month access to your own client portal to keep track of financial goals, progress, and evaluate your options ($500 value)
Get started today and start building your future
Who am I? 
Hey, I'm Michelle Hung, the founder of the Sassy Investor. My mission is to empower as many women as possible, to take control of their finances and teach them how to build a lifetime of wealth. I've spent over 10 years working in finance, from investment banking, venture capital, to now personal finances and financial education.
Got questions? I got you. 
What if I am unhappy about what I received? 
I want you to be 100% happy with your results and what the Sassy Academy has to offer, so if you are not happy, we have a 30-day money back policy. I will refund you in full within 30 days, and you can even keep the Sassy Money Planner, less the cost of shipping. Please see our refund policy in details here. If I have already delivered any one-on-one personal reviews or cash flow plans to you, we can refund you 30% of the total cost. 
I don't have a business or finance education, will this be right for me? 
Absolutely! This is meant for everyone, no matter what background you have. I break everything down for you so that it is simple to understand. And of course, if you ever have any questions, just ask!

I’m not sure if this is right for me. Should I do this?
When it comes to financial security, I strongly believe people should know what goes on with their money, especially if someone else manages it for you. If after doing all of this, and you still feel like you don’t want to manage your own investments, that’s okay too. But at least you know what is going on and the right questions to ask your financial advisor (I assume you will hire someone to take care of your money – please don’t just let your money sit there and do nothing!).

I’m not good at math, will I be able to do this?
If you are capable of spending money, you sure as hell are capable of keeping tabs on your spending and investments! There’s no calculus, algebra, or any fancy math formulas involved. This is about your financial security – a little bit of time and effort now will go a long way! 

It's a big investment, how do I know if we can work together?
We will always start off with a call to see if we are a right fit for each other. We also have a 30-day money back guarantee policy (see above) if you feel like it wasn't the right decision at the time. We want you to be happy and confident with your investment in us. 
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