Ready for your Financial Makeover?

A 2011 HSBC study found that those with a financial plan accumulated nearly 250% more retirement savings than those without a plan in place. Not saving enough money every month? Is your money just sitting around earning absolutely NOTHING?  Like everything else in life, you have to put that money to work.  The sooner you start, the better, because before you know it, time passes by, life happens, and you will wonder why you have such empty pockets (Can you believe it has been 20 years since the Backstreet Boys exploded in popularity?). Ready to set some financial goals and smash them? Let’s talk.

What are the Benefits of Working with Sassy?

  • Get out of the red and stay out
  • Deep dive into your spending habits to ensure you are setting aside enough money
  • Confidence with your money – because this is not only just a task, it is a lifetime of knowledge you will acquire. I educate you along the way.
  • Understand your investments and what is going on
  • Learn how to manage your portfolio
  • Develop good money habits
  • More money in your bank account
  • Money working for you while you sleep (investing)
  • See what your future looks like with your financial projections
  • Save a ton of fees from traditional financial advisors and expensive financial products

What We Offer

  • Initial consultation – your chance to spill your beans with me! Rant/ rage…whatever you need to do
  • Analysis of your financial situation
  • Develop budget and/or debt schedule to pay down debt as soon as possible and start saving money
  • Financial plan developed for your short/medium/ long term goals
  • Follow-up meeting to discuss budget, working with you to ensure goals are realistic


  • Six (6) months of scheduled check-ins
    • Bi-weekly for the first three (3) months if you are paying down debt
    • Once per month after the three (3) month mark
  • On-going ad hoc support should anything change from your initial consultation
  • We are your accountability partner and we help you stay on track to reach your goals
  • Assistance in building your investment portfolio and learning how to manage it yourself
  • Two portfolio rebalancing sessions

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