An easy-to-follow and actionable program for all you hardworking women that want to secure your financial future.

So you want to invest, but you don’t know where to start because it’s completely foreign to you.

You want need good financial advice but you just can’t seem to find affordable options. (Financial planners charge upwards of +$1,000 for each plan).

You’ve browsed through a ton of websites and articles but the information is so overwhelming because you simply don’t understand the lingo.

You just wish reading/learning about finances and investments is not as boring as those dudes in suits you see walking around financial district.

You feel like you never have enough to invest and believe you need to be "rich" or be making a lot of money in order to do this.

News Flash:

Your efforts have not made you any financially better.

Perhaps you’ve been inspired by some great ideas and you know what you “should do”, but you still remain complacent, because hey, you’re “okay” today.

You put it off another six months, before you circle back again to this very same moment of feeling like you need to do something about your financial situation. So, here you are.

Let's do something about that. 

Right now.

I'm Michelle Hung, and my mission is to empower as many women as possible, to take control of their finances and teach them how to build a lifetime of wealth.

It didn't dawn on me how important having a security blanket was until shit hit the fan.

Not too long ago, I found myself unemployed, single, and back home living with my parents.

I had lost my full-time job of over six years, my 12-year relationship had just ended, so I had to move out of my condo and back home, and to top it all off, my 9-year old pooch fell really ill and I had to eventually put him down.

All within a span of 5 months.

While I wasn't emotionally prepared for any of this, frankly nobody really is for these types of events, at least I was financially prepared.

Because at that time, I was sitting on a $140,000 investment portfolio that I built for myself that I could have converted into cash within a week, just like that.

I had options. I was able to re-build my life, on my own terms, on my own timeline. I didn't have to settle for a job I didn't want. I certainly didn't have to stick around a crummy relationship.

One of those options, lead me down the path to entrepreneurship, where I now teach women how to do the same:

How to build their security. How to build their freedom.

From education to execution - easy to digest information and strategy.

  • No, you don't need a lot of money to start investing (one of my training videos shows you how I put $24 to work! )
  • No, you don't need a finance or business education of any sort - I break everything down for you. I make this easy for you.
  • You just need to take the first step in the right direction and start putting your future self first.

Want to know what happens when you finally have that nest-egg built? 

Right after you've organized your finances and inserted all of that life knowledge you learn from this program into your brain, nothing happens. Because there is no such thing as overnight results, like everything else in life. You just planted the seed, so you can't expect the flower immediately!

BUT, you will feel super confident right after. Because as you learn more and more throughout this program, you'll be saying things like "I want more! What else can I add to my portfolio?"

And all of those things you once thought were once so convoluted, confusing, or difficult, will no longer be so. You will feel like an investing genius and be able to navigate financial websites, your bank/investment statements, and actually understand what all that fluff means. You will like looking at that stuff, because, that's how are brains work! We like what we understand.

Then, you live your life as is. You go to work, gym, drink, hang out with friends, watch your Netflix, and party like the rockstar that you are.

You get to check off that long overdue item on your to-do list of getting your finances in order (I don't know about you, but I LOVE checking boxes off)

You finally have a peace of mind knowing that you've done all you could to ensure your money works hard for you, while you get to enjoy and live your life.

...and as time passes.

You check on your portfolio to see what's up and you say to yourself "OMG, I can't believe my money has grown this much."

Because that's what happens when you save and invest.


...and as more times passes, as your portfolio gets bigger...

You start feeling excited at the prospect of finally reaching those financial goals you've set for yourself, like buying that first home or going on that adventurous Euro trip.

You're scouring the internet for homes on the market. You make sure you receive every notification on every travel site the second your ideal flight goes on sale

You may even set an expiry date on your 9 to 5 because you can finally take that leap of faith and start that business you've always dreamed of.

Before you know it, you realize you can literally do anything you want. Obviously within the confines of being a law-abiding citizen and adulting!

You get the picture. The options are there. The world is your oyster and you can do as you choose because you're safe. You feel financially secure.

Before you know it, you realize you can literally do anything you want. Obviously within the confines of being a law-abiding citizen and adulting!

You get the picture. The options are there. The world is your oyster and you can do as you choose because you're safe. You feel financially secure.

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Imagine being able to achieve that from this simple concept of planning and investing in your future.

Everything you need is inside this Academy:

  • Three courses that walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to know, everything you need to ​​​​do, from education to execution, on how to take control of your finances and build your own investment portfolio
  • Learn with step-by-step instructions, fun videos, easy-to-use financial tools, examples, and exercises
  • The Sassy Academy is for those that are willing to invest time to learn the process and long-term strategy in order to build a lifetime of wealth
  • After going through the courses, you will end up with a financial education that they don’t teach you in school and most people don’t have unless they’ve worked on Bay Street, read a whole bunch of boring finance books, and got a finance degree

Course #1: Getting Intimate with Your Money

No matter how much money you make, it'll never be enough if you don't have a solid foundation built around your mindset and behaviour towards money

  • Understand your early experiences that have been the driving force behind your financial decisions, so you can make the necessary changes in order to thrive financially 
  • Start fresh by becoming aware of your habits and underlying beliefs so you can allow more money to flow into your life
  • Get to the root of the problem instead of band-aid solutions that cause you to fail over and over again

Course #2: Taking Control of Your Finances

Whether you need to rid yourself of debt once-and-for-all, or increase your savings to reach your financial goals, putting a plan together will increase your likelihood of reaching your desired outcome.

  • Prioritize your goals and ensure your most important needs are met first and foremost
  • Use the financial calculators to put numbers to your goals and incorporate them into your daily budget, without even thinking about it
  • Learn about financial boundaries, for one day, your finances may be entangled with someone else's 

Course #3: The Wealth Builder 

Learn the proven and best investment strategy to build wealth and financial security, no matter how much money you make.

  • How should I invest my money? What should I invest in? You can finally answer these golden questions.
  • Build and manage your investment portfolio from scratch that is tailored to your life and circumstances.
  • Much like many things in life, whether you're an athlete, CEO, or teacher, mental (mindset) prep is critical in succeeding - and investing is no different! Learn the winning mindset strategy so you become a confident and successful investor.
  • Learn finance on a fundamental basis, like what is a stock? What is a bond? How do you make money with these things? What are the risks?

BONUS COURSE: "The Other Talk" A Couples Course on Money Management

Therapists say: "Couples would rather talk about past relationships and their infidelities than talk about their finances."

  • Open up the money communication between you and your partner, so you can have a healthy relationship
  • Use the tools provided to plan for your retirement, major purchases, and kids' post-secondary education, so you can plan for your future without negative surprises
  • Build a budget together that will make your day-to-day lives easier when it comes to managing the household finances and your financial goals
  • Learn how to be (financially) intimate with each other so you can be an open book, avoid secrets, and build trust 


"Michelle has helped me greatly and completely changed my finances. She helped direct my not only my finances, but also my attitude towards my money, investing, and saving. I look forward to applying my new found knowledge and am excited for the positive financial changes I will be obtaining."


Mariam V.


"Finances have always been a little intimidating and scary for me. Growing up I always thought that working hard in school and securing a stable and well paying job was the answer. As time went on however, I found that the more money I made, the harder I had to work, the more expenses loomed and the less time I had for family, friends and travel. As much as I love my career, this was not what I had envisioned. Michelle's workshops and lessons encouraged me to design the life I want to live by taking control of my finances. I felt safe to ask her to explain basic acronyms and concepts. Learning from her, I made my first investment and I have been investing ever since. I feel empowered, enlightened and educated about my finances and no longer overwhelmed by what used to be a great scary mystery to me. I highly recommend contacting Michelle and finding out how she can help you."

Maria C.

Everything Included in the Sassy Academy Membership

  • Four complete courses ($3,000 value) These are courses packed with video trainings, quizzes, and how-tos. This isn't just about passive learning, this is about execution as well. 
  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Monthly LIVE Q&A (Priceless) The sassy community is all about support, lifting each other up, and creating a safe space for one another. The internet has created an environment open for anonymous hostility, bullying, and criticism (open financial forums are one of THE MOST judgmental and critical spaces I've seen) we need access to good good financial information, advice, and support, without feeling criticized or judged. 
  • On-Going Additions to Course Content (Priceless) So long as you are a member of the Sassy Academy, you will get access to any new material I provide. I have SO MANY exciting content in the pipeline and I don't want you to miss out. Yes, once you become a member, you lock in that membership rate FOREVER. No matter how much more content I put out and so long your membership is in good standing, you are locked in at that price - that is my promise to you.


Your Investment: $30/month 

Get a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for $497 and get the following


Sassy Money Planner with FREE shipping!

($26 value)

A 12-month undated planner so you can start tracking your expenses, in a fun way! Organize your finances and save money with ease.

  • Keep track of your daily spending so you know exactly where your money is going
  • Plan your expenses ahead so you don’t go over budget
  • Check in with your progress on a quarterly basis to make sure you’re on track
  • Journal in your goals, what went well, and what needs to be improved on


Choose Your Membership

option #1

C$30 per month

  • Three complete courses
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group for Members Only  
  • BONUS COURSE: "The Other Talk"
  • Cancel anytime
option #2

C$497 ONE-TIME Payment

  • Three complete courses
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group for Members Only 
  • Lifetime access including all new content, courses, and updates
  • BONUS COURSE: "The Other Talk"
  • LIMITED TIME BONUS: Signed copy of The Sassy Investor

Ummm...Who is Michelle Hung?

Michelle Hung is the founder of the Sassy Investor. An advocate for financial literacy, she is on a mission to spread the word on the importance of financial independence and how to achieve it.

She graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s of Mathematics, with a specialization in Finance.

After graduation, she spent seven years working in investment banking and venture capital. Through her experience in advising companies in capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, initial public offerings ,and other financial advisory services, she acquired a rich understanding of capital markets and how it all ties in with the average investor. In 2014, she obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, a globally recognized investment management credential.

Her first investment property was purchased during her second year of university, where she learned a great deal of financial responsibility at such a young age, and certainly the ins and outs of home ownership.

Investing became a passion so explored investment opportunities beyond real estate – the stock markets. A fan of Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch’s investment philosophies, her self-taught investment strategies, combined with her work experience in capital markets allowed me to build a six-figure investment portfolio by the time she was 29 years old.

Realizing the lack of resources out there for those that would like to learn how to invest, she founded The Sassy Investor to make it easy for people to understand finance and most importantly, how to execute.

She is an avid soccer player, yogi, traveler, and foodie.

Questions? I got you.

  • Is there a minimum monthly contract/commitment?  No! There is no minimum commitment when you sign up on the monthly plan. If you're not happy with what you see, you can cancel any time and you will not be billed the following month.  
  • What if I am unhappy about the yearly membership? I want you to be 100% happy with your results and what the Sassy Academy has to offer, so if you are not happy, we have a 30-day money back policy. I will refund you in full within 30 days, and you can even keep the Sassy Money Planner, less the cost of shipping. Please see our refund policy in details here.
  • I’m not sure if this is right for me. Should I do this?  When it comes to financial security, I strongly believe people should know what goes on with their money, especially if someone else manages it for you. If after doing all of this, and you still feel like you don’t want to manage your own investments, that’s okay too. But at least you know what is going on and the right questions to ask your financial advisor (I assume you will hire someone to take care of your money – please don’t just let your money sit there and do nothing!).
  • What should I invest in? Once you get through all of the modules, you will have an understanding of what you should be investing in – so then you can make your own investment decisions!
  • I’m not good at math, will I be able to do this?If you are capable of spending money, you sure as hell are capable of keeping tabs on your spending and investments! There’s no calculus, algebra, or any fancy math formulas involved. This is about your financial security – a little bit of time and effort now will go a long way!

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