Sassy 4-Week Investing Challenge

Get over that last hump and let's start investing, together

Four investing sessions. Two discussions. A lifetime of wealth. 

Grab a spot for only C$97! 

What to Expect:

Week #1

Investing Session #1

Sept. 25th @ 12PM EST

Michelle will discuss her ETF/stock selection for the day. Watch her in action, and then you do the same! 

Q&A session after. 

Week #2

Investing Session #2

Oct. 2nd @ 12PM EST


Bay Street's Dirty Little Secrets

We do our ETF/stock purchase first. Then, sit back, relax, grab a glass of wine while I talk about Bay Street's dirtyass little secrets I've learned over years. How do investment bankers and sales traders make serious money. You won't want to miss this! What kind of advantages do they have over the average investor?

Week #3

Investing Session #3

Oct. 9th @ 12PM EST

Michelle will discuss her ETF/selection for the day.  Watch her in action, and then you do the same! 

Q&A session after.

Week #4

Investing Session #4

Oct. 16th @ 12PM EST


All About IPOs

(Initial Public Offerings)

We do our ETF/stock purchase first then dive into companies that go public. What does it mean when a company goes public? Should you invest in an IPO and how do you even do that? We've seen some incredible returns from companies like Zoom and Shopify, and disappointments like Uber and Lyft. We'll discuss what to look for and when it's a good/bad idea to invest in these newly-traded companies.

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Grab a spot for only C$97 

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