Investment Portfolio Newbie Kit

Not saving enough money every month?  Are you one of those people that have savings, yet have no clue what to do with your money, so it is probably earning absolutely NOTHING? Or did you just get out of debt and are now ready to start saving and investing your money?   Like everything else in life, you have to put that money to work.  The sooner you start, the better, because before you know it, time passes by, life happens, and you will wonder why you have such empty pockets.



What are the Benefits of Working with Sassy?

  • Build your wealth
  • Money working for you while you sleep
  • Save thousands of dollars in fees over a life-time with a low-cost approach to investing
  • Achieve your financial goals
  • Confidence in your finances
  • Have a financial cushion just in case life happens
  • Net higher returns compared to going to a bank and investing your money in high-cost mutual funds, or not investing in anything at all!
  • An understanding of what is going on with your money
  • Learn how to manage and re-balance your own portfolio

Who would Benefit from this?

This is for you, if:

  • you have savings and no idea what to do with your money
  • you just got out of debt and are ready to start saving and investing your money

What this Package Includes:

  • Review of overall finances – budget, spending, and saving
  • Financial projections, based on current budget
  • New budget created (if needed)
  • Financial projections, based on new budget
  • Keep track of your goals and progress on our client portal
  • Walk-through and step-by-step guidance on account opening process:
    • Which accounts and how to open them
    • How to ultimately build your portfolio
  • Examples of portfolios and what yours could look like
  • Two re-balancing sessions

Stop wondering what you should invest in and how to do it, because by the end of this, you will know exactly what to do – that is my promise to you.