Do you know what you are invested in? Don’t know what you are invested in because somebody is doing it for you? There is a chance that you are invested in high-cost mutual funds (yes, 2% per year is HIGH COST) – and these fees can add up to thousands of dollars PER YEAR, every year.  Picture this:

  • every month, you contribute $500 to your investment portfolio
  • you invest this money in a mutual fund that charge 2% commission of your total investment, every year
  • say, on average, the portfolio returns 8% per year
  • in 10 years, you would have paid $8,468 in fees
  • in 20 years, you would have paid $44,134 in fees!!!

If you think about it, 2% of the 8% works out to be about 25% of your returns, per year. 2% may not seem like a lot of money, but those fees add up. BIG TIME. Why leave so much money on the table, when you don’t have to?

The Benefits of Working with Sassy.

Have thousands of dollars in fees over a life-time with a low-cost approach to investing

Understand what is going on with your money

Learn how to manage and re-balance your own portfolio

Net higher returns

Achieve your financial goals faster

Increase your wealth

Confidence with your finances

What this Package Includes.

Review of current portfolio – asset allocation/ exposure and current fee structure.

Projections of fees paid now vs. fees paid after portfolio make-over – look at how much money you could be saving!

Brand new low-cost portfolio

Examples of portfolios and what yours could look like

Step-by-step guidance on managing your own portfolio
Two re-balancing sessions

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop leaving so much money on the table!