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Give your portfolio the love it needs to grow and build bank

Do you know what's happening with your investments? 

You own a few mutual funds that were sold to you years ago, and you have no clue what's happening. 

You have no idea if they're even right for you at this point, because your "advisor" (salesperson) didn't explain all that much to you at the time. You're afraid to ask because you don't want to seem dumb. You get your monthly statements but have NO CLUE what any of it means - except that your investments have made money (maybe).'re on track to lose over $300,000 in fees. 

Canadians pay one of the HIGHEST mutual fund fees in the world - about 2.35% per year. Doesn't sound like much? Oh, but it is. There's a reason why banks are rich, and baby boomers are retiring broke, indebted, and still working. 

What if I told you that you can just pay 1/10th of the cost?

Instead of that $300,000 price tag that you are unknowingly paying over a 20-year period, you can turn your money-sucking mutual fund portfolio into a winning ETF portfolio for a fraction of the cost. I'm talking about giving yourself a 90% discount on something you'll be paying for the rest of your life! So why wait any longer?

...and if someone had the audacity to sell you something that would cost you six-figures over the next 20 years, you have to question other aspects of your investment portfolio as well, such as:

Is your asset allocation right for you? 

That is, are you selling yourself short on your returns because you told your “advisor” (salesperson) that you don’t like risk. So here you are, 30 years ahead of you prior to retirement and you’re invested in a measly bond fund earning a meagre 4% per year. Oh yeah, and after that MER, you’re like making nothing. And then you complain your investments haven’t moved after all these years. So now you hate investing and you think it’s useless. That is NOT how it’s supposed to be!

Are your investments tax-efficient?

Say you have a “balanced” portfolio, you’re in your high-earning years, and it’s not sheltered by a registered account, like TFSA/Roth IRA or RRSP/401k. You’re making next to nothing after-taxes on the “interest income” you receive.

Are you being guided when your emotions run high during a market correction? 

They say the value of an advisor (a good one that actually cares about you and not just the commission they make off you), can add as much as 1.5% to your returns because they got you sticking to your plan. On a $250,000 portfolio, over a 20-year period, that’s over $86,000.  Meanwhile, you can get access to good advice from a fee-only financial planner for about $2,000. That's roughly my cost for a complete comprehensive financial plan, which includes retirement planning, tax planning, education planning, insurance planning, investment planning, and cash flow planning.. 

If you want to make sure your money is working ONLY for you...  

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"Not only has Michelle helped me pay myself first and save money but she helped me in my process to pay off my student loans. I am finally debt free! I’ve also placed more in my Roth account the first 6 months of this year than all of last year, while going on multiple vacations!"

Heather L.- Dietician, Houston, Texas

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Then work with me as your Investing Coach.  

We will focus on the investment aspect of your finances where I help you: 

  • Build out your investment portfolio (from scratch or move your money out of those vampire funds), so you’re set up for many many years to come
  • Create a strategy that is suitable for your lifestyle and risk appetite so you can sleep at night and just focus on your life
  • Grow your money efficiently so you’re not working for the rest of your life

...and of course I will make sure your asset allocation, tax implications, and emotions around investing are addressed. You’re going to LOVE investing! I mean, who doesn't LOVE making money? 

What to Expect: The Process

  •   Initial call and assessment. I need to know where you are at now with your investments and where you want to go, so I can help you get there.
  •   You will send me any investment statements you want me to look at. I will help you understand them so the next time you read them on your own, you’ll know what’s up. This also makes our lives easier – so nothing gets lost in translation and you don’t have to try to explain anything to me.
  •   You will receive a Portfolio Assessment, complete with:
  • Before and after analysis – see what you’re on track for with your current situation, and then what you could end up after applying your new strategy.
  • Options and recommendations on how to move forward that is in your best interests – I will lay out all your available options, bad or good, so you know in the future what mistakes to avoid. This is part of the education process I provide my clients when we work together.
  • Easy to follow actionable plan.
  •   Our ultimate discussion. We will go through all the details and make sure you understand everything that's presented to you. This is the time to ask me anything - any pressing questions, rumours, tips, wacky info you heard from your Uber driver, etc. 
  •  Two follow-up calls so I can keep you accountable on your actions


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($497 value)

So between the money-sucking mutual funds that can cost upwards of $300,000 over a lifetime, the one-on-one coaching that will guide you through the emotional turbulence involved with investing, and any tax implications you could be stuck with, can you afford not to take action?

That could be over $400,000 out of your pocket over a lifetime. 

Your Investment with me: C$1,200


  •   What returns can you guarantee me? I cannot guarantee you anything to do with returns, nor should you ever trust anyone that tells you they can guarantee you a return. Aside from it being absolutely illegal to promise someone a specific return, chances are, someone is trying to scam you. I will educate you on the historical returns, expectations, and the whole process of your investment strategy. If I cannot find you at least $800 in savings from working with me, I will happily refund your money back. 
  •   What is the minimum amount of money I need to start investing? You can start with as little as $100, depending on your brokerage account. People think they need thousands of dollars to start, but that's not true. There are so many platforms available now that cater to beginner investors. 
  •   Will you be investing money for me? No. The Sassy Investor is an education and coaching platform, we do not invest people's money on their behalf. You will be educated on the process, step-by-step, on how to do this yourself. 

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