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The “Other Talk”: A Course for Couples

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Part One Description

A prerequisite for leading up to “The Other Talk” with your partner. Understand what you value so you can set expectations for yourself and your partner. Know what you bring to the family, understanding that everyone has their own baggage that they bring in. Get used to opening up about your finances.

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Part Two Description

This could be one of the most vulnerable discussions you’ll have with your partner. But, vulnerability only deepens relationships.  “The Other Talk” is one of the most important discussions you can have with your partner.  Therapists have cited couples would rather discuss past relationships and their infidelities, than talk about their finances -no wonder the number one reason for divorce is due to financial reasons! Don’t be another statistic – get used to discussing financial matters with your partner.

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Part Three Description

Use a flexible budgeting strategy that factors in seasonal spending and behaviours. Organize the household finances and get used to discussing financial matters – so there are no surprises for anyone! Dream with your partner, discuss your goals, and then make it happen.