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Say Bye-Bye to your Debt forever

The simple, tested, and proven strategy to pay off debt, spend guilt-free, and save more money.

74% of Canadians are experiencing financial stress due to Covid-19 

You're constantly worried about your bills, your debt is making you feel guilty, anxious, and even shameful.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You don't have to be part of that statistic. 

What if I told you that...

  • You can look at debt and money differently so you no longer feel anxious, ashamed or uncertain about the future.
  • You don't have to feel stuck with your finances because you have a debt balance that seems like it would take forever to pay off.
  • You don't have to feel guilty every time you spend money on something

We've been engrained by society and traditional beliefs that 

  • Being in debt is bad 
  • Debt sets us back in life
  • You should live a restricted, miserable, and boring life until your debt is paid off.
  • We are not worthy of a better life because we have debt 

With a shift in your mindset and a concrete plan that fits your lifestyle 

You can immediately feel better about your financial situation - easing your worries about the future, your bills, and your debt.

So that eventually, you will reach a point where you can freely as you desire

...focus spending time with your family 

...have money working for you while you live your best life, who the hell am I to be sayin' all this?

Glad you're wondering! (or maybe not). 

I'm Michelle Hung, author and founder of this very platform, The Sassy Investor,  and I've been teaching and coaching people in debt management, savings, and investing the last five years.

I've helped individuals invest over $2.5 million combined, and save on average $9,000 per year through my no BS, straight-shooting, simple approach to finances and investing.

I've taught workshops at universities and colleges throughout Ontario and also corporations in both Canada and the United States.   

My mantra is, simple is always best 

I don't like using big fancy words.  

Not only has Michelle helped me pay myself first and save money but she helped me in my process to pay off my student loans. I am finally debt free! I’ve also been good enough to have already placed more in my Roth account than all of last year, while going on multiple vacations!

Heather  // Liver Transplant Dietician

Week 1

Session #1: Tuesday Jan. 12th @ 12pm EST

Financial Goals Setting - What do you want?

How can you get to where you want to be if you don’t know wtf you want?!

This is the start of turning your dreams into a reality where we begin to quantify what you want and take the first step in building your financial plan. 

Session #2: Thursday Jan. 14th @ 12pm EST 

Looking Past Your Numbers – Overcoming Fears, Limitations, and Blockages that are Keeping You Stuck and Constantly Worried

We are going to smash old and traditional beliefs - a system that was created to keep us small and dependent, and create a new way of how to view money, debt, and spending. 

week 2

Session #3: Tuesday Jan. 19th @ 12pm EST  

Your Financial Reality and the Key to Reaching Your Savings Goals

The concrete plan that will keep you focused on your goals so you can ease the uncertainty which often leads to financial anxiety.  

Session #4: Thursday Jan. 21st @ 12pm EST 

Creating Your Easy Spend Plan that Doesn’t Feel Restrictive

Traditional budgets fail for a reason (I don't even like the word "budget" - it sounds so lame), because they "force" people to give up the things they love to live a more restrictive life  . We create a spend plan for you that is flexible and suitable for your lifestyle. We will go through emotional spending and how you can manage impulse spending without feeling guilty or resenting your life.  

week 3

Session #5: Tuesday Jan. 26th @ 12pm EST:  

Execution – Putting Your Plan to Work and Staying on Track

This is all about taking action, setting systems up and processes in your life that will ensure your plan gets executed, and that you stay on track. 

Session #6: Thursday Jan. 28th @ 12pm EST  

BONUS: Increasing Your Income - Adding Multiple Streams of Revenue to Your Life

The old school belief that a fixed income equals stability is no longer valid. Given today's work climate and technological advances, our dependency on a single source of income is too risky. That's putting all your eggs in one basket! The ability to create your own income is one of the most valuable life skills you can learn. 

I did it! I'm at $0 for my line of credit debts!!!!! I don't owe the bank $&$t. Thank you for all your guidance!

Oliver //Federal Officer

"I've paid off a chunk of student debt in less than 8 months (2 months before grad!) I've created 3 savings account and I'm actually not a broke new grad. "

Rachelle //Nurse

You've helped me pay a huge chunk of debt off and I feel so much better about my finances! Being able to see the end game was really helpful!

Gloria //Teacher

What you get:

  • 3-weeks of live hands-on workshops (6 sessions, with 2 sessions per week) 
  • Workbooks and tools to help you succeed in this program 
  • Access to replays in case you miss a class or two

Your Investment: US$47 $197


Opening up an EQ Bank Savings Account (must use link below 👇)

(Sorry, this offer is for Canadians only at the moment!)

**How to Join this Program for FREE**



Sign up for an EQ Bank Savings Account with this link below 👇



Screen shot the confirmation email (cover the account number please!) and send an email to:

with the subject line:




We will send you a code to enroll in the course for absolutely FREE! Enter the code when you checkout! 


Are you an affiliate with EQ Bank? 

Yes I am! Hence, please use the link to sign up for the account – this ensures that I get paid! It’s a win-win for everyone since you don’t have to shell out money for this program, and I still get paid for providing you a ton of value and help! And yes, I have a savings account with them also!

Is EQ Bank safe? 

Yes it is! It is a Schedule 1 Bank and regulated just as strict as the other Canadian Banks. Your money is automatically insured (up to $100,000) with the Canadian Deposit Insurance Coverage (CDIC). They have been in business for over 45 years.

Why EQ Bank?

EQ Bank has no fees, no minimums, has free interact transfers, and pays one of the highest interest rates on savings (so if your savings is currently sitting earning a measly 0.2% per year, EQ will pay you 1.5% per year. Aaaand, your money isn’t locked in!

How can EQ Bank afford to pay a much higher interest rate than other banks?

Because unlike traditional banks in Canada, like TD, CIBC, they offer all their services online, so they have less costs (e.g. no rent payments on their branches, paying tellers/customer reps to run the branches). This allows them to pay out a higher interest rate to their customers.

I can't make all the live classes, can I still join? 

No worries! You will get access to the replays so you can watch them on your own time!

I already have an EQ bank account - can I still join for free?

Unfortunately, this free offer is only available for new customers of EQ Bank. But please send us an email and we'll work something out :)