What We Do

We are your go-to platform for financial coaching and education.  Whether you are trying to get out of debt or planning your financial future, we have the necessary tools and support required to get you on track and achieve your goals. Understanding that money is a very emotional topic and makes people vulnerable, we offer a safe place where you can spill your beans, ask any questions, and get the support you need to move forward.  As a fee-for-service company, we do not sell any financial products whatsoever – so we have your best interests at heart.  Along the way, we educate you because we want you to feel confident with what’s going on with your finances and investments.


Our Mission

Empowering women to take control of their finances by providing them the education and support in order to gain the confidence they need to make their own investment decisions.  Invest in Yourself. Build Wealth.

…because making money is sexy!

Who is the Sassy Investor?


About Michelle

~ Entrepreneur ~ Dog Lover ~ Yogi ~ Soccer Nut ~

Michelle Hung is the founder of the Sassy Investor.  An advocate for financial literacy, she is on a mission to spread the word on the on the importance of financial independence and how to achieve it.  She graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s of Mathematics, with a specialization in Finance.

After graduation, she spent seven years working in investment banking and venture capital.  Through her experience in advising companies in capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, initial public offerings ,and other financial advisory services, she has a rich understanding of capital markets and how it all ties in with the average investor.  In 2014, she obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, a globally recognized investment management credential.

Her first investment property was purchased during her second year of university, where she learned a great deal of financial responsibility at such a young age, and certainly the ins and outs of home ownership.  Investing became a passion and she explored investment opportunities beyond real estate – the stock markets.  A fan of Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch’s investment philosophies, her self-taught investment strategies, combined with her work experience in capital markets allowed her to build a six-figure investment portfolio by the time she was 29 years old.

Realizing the lack of resources out there for those that would like to learn how to invest, she built this business to make it easy for people to understand finance and most importantly, how to execute.

You can follow her on Twitter: @sassy_investor and Facebook.