How to Participate


  • Save 25% of your net income starting September 1, 2017
  • Compete against 14 other people (max. 15 participants)
  • Person that saves the largest % of their net income wins $250
  • Cost to participate: $150

Why Participate?


  • Get into the habit of saving more. Studies show it takes 60 days to kick a habit – I’m giving you over three months.
  • Start off the year on a positive note – in the black
  • Avoid spending hangover from the holidays (think about mid-January, how depressing, cold, dark, and broke you’ll feel)
  • 25% of your net income BANKED.
  • Feel secure with your money
  • If you save the most out of everyone, WIN MONEY!



  • If you have credit card debt, you should not be saving anything until your these are cleared – you must be credit card/ high-interest loan free
  • Acceptable debt: car loan, consolidated low-interest loan (5% annual interest or less), and student loan

Every Participant Gets…


  • One hour 1-on-1 session – your chance to spill your beans and vent about any insecurities or issues you may have with money
  • Detailed budget and spending review –  I go into details, line-by-line
  • New budget to make sure you meet your 25% net savings target
  • An accountability partner – I keep an eye on you every 2 weeks
  • On-going support

How will this work?


  • Provide me with your bank and credit card statements
  • I review all of your spending activity from the last three months
  • At the end of every month, until this challenge ends, provide me with the same statements, showing me your savings balance and zero credit card balance at the end of each month
  • If you carry over a credit card balance, you are automatically disqualified, and you do not get a refund!
  • I will post, anonymously (or not, up to you) where you stand amongst the other participants so you can keep track of your progress
  • Winner is based on how much they have saved as a percentage of how much they have earned between September 1st and December 31st (employment + side hustle money). Note: Investment income does not count. 

Why the Detailed Review?


  • I make sure you are not transferring money from another account I do not know about (i.e. cheating!!)
  • Earnings, spending and saving should balance
  • It’s a good reality check to see where your money is actually going – this is for your own good!